GOT VENDING? - Laundromats - Modesto, CA
We currently have a self-service coin-operated laundrymat, it is equipped with front load, top load, large capacity front loaders and stackable dryers. Convenient large table to make folding clothes easy and large size rollable laundry carts. Their is also vending machines equipped with soda, snacks and gaming to enjoy while you sit and wait for your laundry. We   also have all the laundry essentials you need such as detergent, softener, and bleach.


                                      LAUNDRY DAY
                              12166 YOSEMITE BLVD
                                   WATERFORD, CA

 We are not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items. Please do not leave clothes unattended.
               CONTACT INFO: 209-602-8622 (SERVICE LINE)
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